Maestro Martino: Prince of Cooks

Maestro Martino can be defined as  the Leonardo Da Vinci of cooks, which is not an excessive comparison if  we consider that Platina - originally named Bartolomeo Sacchi, a great humanist philosopher during the Renaissance, who was appointed in 1478 by Pope Sixtus IV as first prefect of The Vatican library - described  Maestro Martino in his own culinary book De honesta voluptade et valetudine as : "Prince of cooks from whom I learned all about cooking".

Who was Maestro Martino?
The origins
Rome, a turning point in his life
Meeting Platina
Return to Milan
We would like to thank Federica Fanizza, in charge of Biblioteca Civica di Riva del Garda for her precious help to collect information on Maestro Martino biography